Monument Designer - Instructions:

User: Toler Monuments


You're about to begin the design process. Please review the steps below so you'll be familiar with this software.

Step 1: Choose a Granite Color

Choose a granite color.
Click Continue.

Step 2: Choose a Monument Shape

Choose a monument shape from the scrolling list. Simply click to select.
Your shape will show up to the right when you click on your selection.
Click Continue.

Step 3: Add Components

Scroll through the list of Carving Components. Simply click to select your choice. As you click your carving will show up on the right.
Click and drag your carving into the position you choose. You can add as many Carvings as you need.
Click Continue.

Step 4: Add Your Text

Enter your Text and choose Small Medium or Large size.
Select a font and click Add Text.
As you Add Text it will show up in the list on the left.
When you're finished adding text, click Continue.

Step 5: Position Your Text

The text you added in the previous screen will show up here to the left.
Click and drag to position your text onto the monument design.
When you're finished positioning your text, click Continue.

Step 6: Choose a Background

Choose one of the backgrounds in the scrolling list on the left. Simply click your choice and it will update on the right.
You can click and drag your design around and position it where you want on the background. By holding down shift and click-drag in the bottom right corner of the monument shape, you can resize as needed.
When you're finished positioning your design, click Continue.

Step 7: Report Summary

You're almost done. The image here at the top is your finished design. A summary of all your choices will be listed below the design.
You may choose a different color for your design.
Simply enter the Client Name or Number and the email address.
Click "Email This Summary" to send the email of your design.

Get Started Now

When you're ready to get started, simply press the Continue button below.